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How To Tell If Its Windy In Santa Cruz.

You really have to be there. Conditions can change quickly and vary a lot from place to place. It can suddenly come up and it can disappear just as quickly. We also get summer fog which rolls in from the ocean cutting the wind off abruptly and cutting air temperature by 20 degrees. The sailing day rarely starts before noon and is usually over by six. Sailors who come from out of town are taking a chance. If you call ahead and it is already windy, then it may be dead by the time you get here. However, for locals and regular visitors, the best technique is to be permanently ready and head for the beach as soon as the wind picks up. There is a wind line at Waddell Creek which is operated by the local hang glider people. There is a fee to get the number, and it changes often to fool the rest of us. It is possible to get wind conditions at one of the best locations right here.


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